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    Hubert Oswell

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Born Hubert Lhant, he is Asbel's younger brother who grows up to become a lieutenant in the Strahtan military. Studious and disciplined to a fault.

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    In Battle

    Hubert takes the general role of a rogue, with high physical damage and ranged attacks weighed down by a mediocre constitution. Played knowing this, Hubert can dance around enemies landing combos with insanely high combo counts.

    Hubert's A Artes and B Artes take form via his highly adaptable twin blades, going from butterfly sword, twin swords, twin pistols, and bow as needed, topped off a few spells. He also sports two healing spells (for which he is mocked in a couple skits in the Future Arc).

    Typically, the flow of his combos open with a B Arte, dash in for two A Artes, then back to B artes. His attacks heavily feature Paralyze, and he has a good spread of Types, including ones that are rare in the others Artes like Inorganic and Amorphous.


    Hubert is very intelligent and studious. As a child, he was meek and was heavily influenced by Asbel. Early in the Adult Arc, his resentment and desire to prove himself show itself as he leads the Strahtan assistance in Lhant, which mellows out after some soul searching and successes during his accompaniment of the party.


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