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    Huffman Island

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    The war-torn Huffman Island is a fictional location in the Front Mission universe. The first game in the Front Mission series takes place entirely on this island.

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    Primary geographical features of the island include mountain ranges and wooded terrain, with a relatively small percentage being open landscape.  Most of the residential areas are located near the coast, although several inland settlements do exist.  The island is divided into territory belonging to the United States of the New Continent and the Oceana Community Union.

    Political tension between the two countries escalated after the events of the Larcus Incident, in which an OCU task force of Wanderung Panzers (see also: Mech) is sent on a reconnaissance mission to investigate a munitions factory in the USN-controlled city of Fort Monus.  Upon arrival, the reconnaissance unit falls prey to an ambush by USN Wanzers and conflict ensues.  The USN squad is forced to flee, though not before destroying the munitions factory with explosives. 

    In the aftermath of the event, the USN announced their munitions factory was attacked and destroyed by four Wanzers of the OCU.  The OCU denied the incident ever happened and declared the four pilots involved as "missing in action".  Reconciliation between the two countries could not be achieved and Huffman Island would eventually become a territory of the Oceana Community Union.    

    Much of Front Mission's storyline revolves around the political fallout following the Larcus Incident.


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