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    Human Entertainment, Inc.

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    Human Entertainment, or Hyūman Kabushiki Gaisha, was a Japanese game developer and publisher. They are best known for the Fire Pro Wrestling and Clock Tower series.

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    The company is known for originating the popular Fire Pro Wrestling series of wrestling games, as well as the Super Formation Soccer and Final Match Tennis sports games, and Human Grand Prix driving/racing games.

    They are also known for several games that pioneered design ideas ahead of their time, including the first music rhythm game Dance Aerobics (1987); early survival horror games such as Laplace no Ma (1987) and the Clock Tower series; early survival adventure games such as SOS (1993) and The Firemen series; and their final project, the ambitious open-world sandbox adventure Mizzurna Falls (1998).

    The company folded in 1999, and some of its employees going on to form several new studios, including Nude Maker, Sandlot, and Spike. The most successful of these has been Grasshopper Manufacture, founded by former Human Entertainment employees that included Goichi Suda.


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