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In the Armored Core series, Human PLUS refers to a process and set of cybernetic enhancements that impart improved physical and mental abilities on the recipient. The basis of the program lies in pre-war technology, similar to that of Muscle Tracers, but all details have concealed by Murakumo Millenium with all credit for the development taken by them.
Since most cybernetic modifications are performed on the recipient's brain, a common side-effect of PLUS technology is varying degrees of psychosis. Putting down PLUS subjects gone mad is a recurring mission brief across the Armored Core series. 
While various corporations have overseen PLUS development after the fall of Murakumo, the process is only available to the player in the first two games. The technology is still referenced in subsequent entries.


In Armored Core and Armored Core 2 series, Human PLUS abilites were obtained by falling deep into debt. In order to pay this off, the player would undergo experimental trials of PLUS technology with each procedure being increasingly beneficial. Typical gameplay enhancements include;
  • In-built radar.
  • Doubled energy.
  • Halved energy consumption.
  • The ability to fire back weapons while moving or airborne.
Armored Core 3 replaced Human PLUS with OP-Intensify, a part that simulated these effects but occupied all Core slots in exchange, in an attempt to balance the system. 


  • PLOW is an acronym used to describe PLUS OverWeight Armored Cores by fans. Basically cheat ACs, they're allowed performance and design liberties not meant to be afforded to players. 
  • Leos Klein, who was an active AC pilot well into his 90s was suspected of being a Human PLUS subject and was seen to utilize PLUS-based abilities. 
  • The original Hustler One's involvement with the Raven's Nest's PLUS experiments may have led to the development of the H1 AI part.

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