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War of the Human tanks is a real time strategy game, reminiscent in it's system to the classic board game Battleship.


Pre battle you can build or purchase human tanks, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and outfitted with different weapons. The tanks are also upgradeable between missions.

The actual battles happen on hex based maps, that are at first clouded in a fog of war. The battles play out in real time and the goal is to destroy the enemy command tank, while protecting your own.

The Story is presented in a visual novel style mixed with episodic presentation.


War of the Human Tanks tells the story of the war between the Empire and the Kingdom, two warring factions fighting over Japon, reminiscent of modern-day Japan. Jumping between the two factions point of views during the story, the main focus falls on the “General from Hell,” Lt. Shoutaro and his sister, Chiyoko. They are in control of an army composed of human tanks (robotic girls).


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