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    Human Torch

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    A product of the writing of Stan Lee and the artistry of Jack Kirby, the Human Torch is a member of the Fantastic Four. He is literally a human torch (he is on fire) and is featured in a number of games based on Marvel properties. He was portrayed by Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan in films based on the Fantastic Four.

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    Johnny Storm is the son of Franklin and Mary Storm and is the younger brother of Susan Storm, who would also be in the Fantastic Four. One day his parents were in a car crash and despite his occupation as a physician Franklin Storm was unable to save his wife. Afterward Franklin fell on hard times, drinking and gambling excessively. Eventually Franklin was arrested for murdering a loan-shark, which he claimed was in self-defense. After their father was incarcerated Johny and Sue lived with their aunt.

    As a teenager Johny and his sister Susan meet Reed Richards, and are convinced to be passengers on an experimental rocket Reed is working on. Along with Reed, Susan, and Ben Grimm Johny travels into the cosmos on Reed's rocket ship. While a successful proof of concept the shielding on the ship was inadequate to handle cosmic radiation and plummeted back to Earth. Everyone survived the crash but they were deeply changed by the cosmic radiation, which gave them all superpowers! Everyone agreed to use their powers to help people and the Fantastic Four was founded.

    Role in the Fantastic Four

    Johnny is usually the most carefree and lighthearted of the Fantastic Four. He can be stubborn and emotional and has quit the Fantastic Four several times. He has a fiery temper and has issues following orders.


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    Johnny has fire based powers. His nickname "the Human Torch" comes from the fact that he can shoot fire out of his body as well as having the ability to erupt into flames without hurting himself. Due to his fire based powers fires and explosions do not hurt him. He can also fly. A few drawbacks to his powers are the fact that he requires oxygen to create flames, he can grow quickly exhausted depending on the amount and heat of fire he uses, and he always has to be focused on his powers to control them or else they go out of control.


    In the current Marvel canon the Human Torch is dead, having been overwhelmed by Arthrian cultists and Kid Annihilus after defending the Negative Zone long enough for the rest of the Fantastic Four to close the gateway. Despite his death it is still likely that he will appear in Marvel and Fantastic Four video games.


    His Catchphrase is "Flame on!" which he will say before being engulfed in an inferno


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