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    Humanity is the second game from Enhance Games after Tetris Effect.

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    Enhance and Tha Ltd., which is a design studio in Tokyo, announced Humanity at Sony's "State of Play" in September 2019. The game is playable in VR or without.

    Humanity has a unique look. The game focuses on crowds of people. Those crowds will impact gameplay in positive and negative ways.

    Yugo Nakamura, from Tha Ltd., came up with the concept for the game. Tha Ltd. is famous for their work with Japanese brands like Uniqlo and Muji. They've also worked with Japanese musician Cornelius. Enhance came in to flesh out the game elements and publish the title for Nakamura and Tha Ltd.

    “From the first early demo I saw, I couldn’t get Humanity out of my head,” said Enhance's Tetsuya Mizuguchi in a press release. “The whole look and feel of it—manipulating these teeming masses of people—was mesmerizing, especially in VR. I knew right away it could be something special, which is why I couldn’t be more excited to help a visionary like Yugo-san realize its full potential.”

    “I’ve long admired the work of Mizuguchi-san and his team; it feels like the perfect fit to be working with the people who made games like Rez and Tetris Effect,” says Nakamura. “Everyone at Tha is working hard to make Humanity something that likewise engages all your senses—a fun, challenging game, but also something more meaningful than that. Rest assured we have lots more to show and talk about…"


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