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Humanity is both a consumable object and a unique type of variable stat in Dark Souls. The item form is usually referred to by players as "solid" Humanity, while each level in the Humanity stat is called a "soft" Humanity. Using a solid Humanity will restore HP and raise the player's Humanity level by one. With each Humanity level, the player's Curse resistance is raised, as is the chance of enemies dropping items when killed.

How to Obtain Humanity

  • Solid Humanity drops from a few regular monsters (like Undead Rats) as well as most bosses and NPCs. It is also sold by certain merchants.
  • "Soft" Humanity can be acquired by killing a certain number of enemies in an area before killing that area's boss. Helping another player kill a boss in co-op also grants soft humanity.
  • Soft Humanity can also be gained by killing phantoms (whether NPCs or players), or killing other players as a phantom.
  • The Dark Hand's strong right-hand attack preforms a grab animation, which will suck Humanity out of players and NPCs. Its effectiveness is determined by the player's rank in the Darkwraith covenant.


  • Solid Humanity is a consumable item that heals the players and adds one to the current liquid humanity count. Unlike the Estus Flask, humanity can be used to heal as a phantom in other player's worlds.
  • Soft Humanity can be offered at bonfires to become human ("Reverse Hollowing") or to kindle the bonfire. Human form allows summoning of friendly phantoms, but also leaves world open to invasion. Kindling a bonfire increases the number times the Estus Flask can be used after refilling it at that bonfire.
  • Soft Humanity must be spent to advance in certain covenants, including the Chaos Servant covenant.
A player in human form
A player in human form

Losing Humanity

  • Just like souls, soft Humanity is lost upon death, and can be recovered by touching one's bloodstain.
  • Dying in human form, but not as a phantom in other worlds, transforms the player back to hollowed form at respawn, losing the humanity used in the process. Characters in hollowed state cannot summon or invade, but can be summoned to other players' worlds (hollowed player sets down a summon point)


Humanity are fragments of the Dark Soul, the fourth Lord Soul found by the Furtive Pygmy. Humanity was split amongst all of mankind and gives them unique power. Humanity is used by the gods of Anor Londo, the Way of White and the firekeepers as fuel for the divine power of fire. Those branded with the Darksign, the undead, revive upon death but lose their Humanity. This process eventually makes the undead lose their minds and go Hollow.


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