The humble Indie Bundle

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I guess it's known already, but it's pay-what-you-want and you can give to a good cause.
The games you get (including a Steam-key to enable them there), are:
- Crayon Physics
- Cogs
- Hammerfight
- And Yet It Moves
Also, bonus games:
- Steel Storm
- Atom Zombie Smasher
I really enjoyed Cogs and VVVVVV, haven't tried the others yet.

And if you pay more than the average ($5.70 right now), you also get the games from the Humble Bundle 2, which were:
- Braid
- Cortex Command
- Machinarium
- Osmos
- Revenge of the Titans

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That's deap, yo. 

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@Axxol said:
What of Dark Matter Experiment using Argon Pulse-shape discrimination?

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