The World Desperately Needs Another Putt-Putt

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When I was but an infantile gamer, CD-ROM games from Humongous Entertainment were my jam. They made classics like Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam, Spy Fox and Freddi Fish. They Even made some great Blue's Clues games with an FMV Steve. These games are really nostalgic for a ton of people who love to click on things and make wacky stuff happen.

Humongous stopped making games years ago, but their classics have been ported to Steam, iPads, and other places where today's kids can get their fix. I picked up a few of them in a sale a while back for nostalgia's sake, but I was dismayed to find that they wouldn't work on my computer. I know I have bad specs, but surely I should be able to run a 1995 point-and-click about a purple car who saves the zoo.

A week ago, though, an update dropped, and I was ecstatic. But after a brief zoo-saving, one question stuck out in my mind. Who updated it? Humongous was acquired by Tommo five years ago, who I assume did the porting work. If Gary at Tommo updated Putt-Putt for SCUMMVM, what's to stop him from getting a team together and making a brand new adventure?

Kids today who are younger than the Minecraft and Fortnite crowd typically play those creepy flash games where Elsa gets pregnant. Wouldn't reviving the creative spirit of Humongous be a good way to introduce those kids to the more wholesome side of gaming? Putt-Putt has already gone to the moon, saved the circus, and traveled through time, but surely there are more adventures to be had.

Maybe the moment has passed now that the nostalgia-fueled Kickstarter bubble has popped. Maybe the existing ports are enough to satisfy interest. Maybe the interest just isn't there. But I, for one, would be delighted to see Putt-Putt ride again.

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Personally id want a pajama sam or spyfox, but sure Putt Putts an OG too.

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DUDE! The world does need a new Putt Putt! I played those games when I was young too and weirdly enough those old Humongous games are where I have more of a soft spot for Ron Gilbert's work, not Maniac Mansion or the Monkey Islands (not because I didn't like them, but I never played them). Speaking of Gilbert, he and Gary Winnack are currently working at the developer Terrible Toybox who did a solid job w/ Thimbleweed Park last year. Maybe if they can get permission to do so, they could be best suited to make a new Putt Putt game for the kids. I know Gilbert didn't directly work on all of those Humongous games, but he helped found the company and Terrible Toybox probably has some ideas on what they can do with Putt Putt or Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish or Spy Fox in 2019.

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As someone who was the right age for a lot of Humongous Entertainment stuff, I absolutely agree that the world could use more Putt Putt (Although, I was always more of a Freddi Fish guy myself.) Someone get Ron Gilbert on the phone.

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I'm ready for the gritty reboot of Putt Putt

Putt Putt Goes to Hell

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I'm ready for the gritty reboot of Putt Putt

Putt Putt Goes to Hell

God of War but replace Atreus with Putt Putt

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My brother and I used to play Putt Putt Goes To The Moon a whole bunch to the point we still quote bits of it to this day! Bring back Putt Putt for the kids!

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