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    Loading Please Wait... Filling Halflings With Pie...

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    Rather than simply having the typical "Loading Please Wait" message on the loading screen, sometimes developers put funny and/or nonsensical messages there in an attempt to make the wait slightly more entertaining.

    Not to be confused with Loading Screen Advice, which is actually helpful.


    • Adding Randomly Mispeled Words Into Text
    • Adding Vanilla Flavor to Ice Giants
    • All races of Norrath will learn to work together
    • Always Frisky Kerrans
    • Attaching Beards to Dwarves
    • Bristlebane Was Here
    • Buy:LurN Tu Tok liK Da OgUr iN Ayt DaYz by OG
    • Checking Anti-Camp Radius
    • Creating Randomly Generated Feature
    • Delivering the Lion Meat to Halas
    • DING!
    • Does Anyone Actually Read This?
    • Doing Something You Don't Wanna Know About
    • Doing The Impossible
    • Don't Panic
    • Dusting Off Spellbooks
    • Ensuring Everything Works Perfektly
    • Ensuring Gnomes Are Still Short
    • Filling Halflings With Pie
    • Generating Plans for Faster-Than-Light Travel
    • Grrr. Bark. Bark. Grrr.
    • Have You Hugged An Iksar Today?
    • Have You Tried Batwing Crunchies Cereal?
    • Hiding Catnip From Vah Shir
    • Hitting Your Keyboard Won't Make This Faster
    • Honk if You Eat Gnomes
    • If You Squeeze Dark Elves You Don't Get Wine
    • In The Grey, No One Can Hear You Scream
    • Isn't It About Time You Washed Your Armor?
    • Karnor's... Over 41 Billion Trains Served
    • Loading, Don't Wait If You Don't Want To
    • Look Out Behind You
    • Looking For Graphics
    • Looking Up Barbarian Kilts
    • Now Spawning Fippy_Darkpaw_432,366,578
    • Oiling Clockworks
    • Outfitting Pigs With Wings
    • Pizza...The Other Other White Meat
    • Polishing Erudite Foreheads
    • Preparing to Spin You Around Rapidly
    • Refreshing Death Touch Ammunition
    • Ruining My Own Lands
    • Sanding Wood Elves... now 34% smoother.
    • Sharpening Claws
    • Sharpening Swords
    • Spawning Your_Characters01
    • Starching High Elf Robes
    • Stringing Bows
    • Stupidificationing Ogres
    • Teaching Snakes to Kick
    • Told You It Wasn't Made of Cheese
    • Warning: Half Elves Are Now .49999 Elves.
    • Whacking Trolls With Ugly Stick
    • Why Do Clerics Always Burn the Bread?
    • Wonder If Phinegal Autropos Tires of Seafood?
    • You Have Gotten Better At Fizzling! (47)
    • You Have Gotten Better At Loading! (15)

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