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Hundreds is an object and timing-based puzzle game. In any given level, the primary goal is to increase the size of grey circles to add up to one hundred. To increase the size and number of a circle, the player must touch it, and it expands outward at a regular pace as long as it is being touched. Other pieces within a given level, some fixed and some moving, cause this to become increasingly difficult as the levels progress.

Often, levels begin in a steady-state with objects predictably moving around the screen in a controlled fashion. This quickly degenerates into chaos as a player interacts with the level. Much of the challenge in Hundreds is controlling inputs into the game to maintain control as long as possible.

Occasionally, the game will reveal a message in a coded cipher. These ciphers are encrypted in numerous different formats, and might be part of some larger meta game.


Gameplay takes place on a rectangular board with fixed edges (i.e. pieces are constrained to the visible surface of the device) and consists of manipulating numbered circles as they interact with various other features of the board. The numbered circles and many of the other level objects are also subject to movement, whereby pieces bump into each other and bounce around the playing field.

Every puzzle has one or more numbered circles, and puzzles may include one or more additional objects described below.

Numbered Circle:

While a circle is being touched and is increasing in size and number, it turns red. When a player stops touching a circle, it immediately stops increasing in size. If a circle is being embiggened when it touches any object on the field of play other than a wall, the level is failed.


  • Movable bumper (with a triple red line)
  • Fixed bumper (with an X)


  • Standard Buzz-saw
  • Pauseable buzz-saw

Upon contact with a numbered circle, a saw will immediately shrink it to size 0 and


  • Standard Bubble

Bubbles are popped by being touched.

Other pieces (WIP):


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