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    Hungary is a republic located in Central Europe. In the past decade, Hungary was listed as the 10th most economically dynamic area in the world.

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    Hungary is a small democratic  Eastern European nation.  Its capital is Budapest and has a population of approximately 10 million people.
    The president of Hungary is  Laszlo Solyom, he is an independent politician. Many see him as a Right wing politician due to his economical and social reforms. Hungary's government is a parliamentary republic. 
    During WW2 Hungary was under German control and was a satellite state for the Nazi government. Shortly after fascism fell the Communist managed to gain power thanks to Soviet help. Under the new communist government Hungary's population grew, and so did its economy.It produced all the buses and cars for the Soviet Union and other Eastern European communist nations. In 1956 anti communist forces and civilians began an uprising attempting to over throw the communists. The government responded by creating people militias to fight the communists. The governments plans quickly failed an the nation was on the brink of collapse. Out of desperation  the government turned to the Soviet Union. Soviet tanks entered  Hungary along with troops. Initially the Soviets where pushed back. After the second attempt of Government and Soviet troops the rebellion was finally suppressed and the communist managed to remain in power.   After the uprising Hungary joined the Warsaw Union and remained a member in tel 1989 when communism collapsed around the Eastern Bloq.
    After the fall of communism Hungary joined the European Union and then NATO.  Shortly after the fall of Communism Fascism and people loyal to Adolf Hitler began to rise in numbers. Today Hungary has the most amount of Nazi supports in the world, Although small they still have some influence in how the country is run.
    Today Hungary has good relations with most countries around the world. It has less influence in trade today, then it did in communist times but still has a stable economy.
    Hungary has flourished in the fields of Science and has received more Nobel prizes in science then any other nation in the world.


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