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    Hunter Blade

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    An MMORPG in the vein of Monster Hunter.

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    This Monster Hunter look-a-like borrows heavily from the original, such as the Mission structure, Crafting, Synthesis, Weapon types and combos. It adds a clan system, achievements, PvP and more as well as increasing the player limit in instances to 5 and making significant changes to the way gathering works.

    Excluding carving, all forms of material gathering (insect catching, mining, plant gathering) are unavailable outside a dedicated Collection Site, which takes the form of a separate zone.

    It also introduces an Intrusion System in which up to five other players can join your ongoing mission as Intruders, with the objective of killing all of the original players to gain a reward. In turn, if the native group manages to complete its mission, they gain an additional reward on top of the mission reward.


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