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Hunter Hunted is a side-scrolling action game with a pseudo 3rd Dimensional aspect. This pseudo 3D aspect is the ability to move towards, or away from the camera, to move into rooms in either of those directions (where appropriate).


In the closing years of the 20th century Earth was invaded by a brutal warrior-race of aliens, known only as the Masters. The Masters exterminated the majority of humanity in a matter of days. The unlucky survivors were to become salves known as "Hunters" for the Masters entertainment.

These Hunters were forced to battle in the ruined cities of Earth against one another to the death.

Now in 2015, the Champion of Earth, Jake, is being forced into one final battle, a battle with the champion from the planet of Kullrathe, Garathe Den. Garathe den hails from a Minotaur-like race who were also conquered and enslaved by the Masters.


Silly humans, don't you know that melee-range is not for kids?
Silly humans, don't you know that melee-range is not for kids?

For the most part Hunter Hunted is a simple 2d action game where the player will run and gun their way to an exit on each level, picking up weapons, and other items on the way. In different levels the player will be either Jake of Garathe Den. These two playable characters have different attributes; Jake has the more powerful weapons, and Garathe Den jumps higher, further, and moves faster. Each level the player has a different role to play. in some missions you'll be the Hunter where you have to track down the Hunted and stop them from exiting and in the others you'll be the hunted, where you have to escape from the hunter. Whether you're the Hunter or the Hunted doesn't really matter, as you can kill the opponent anyway.

In Hunter Hunted there is a HUD. The HUD provides information on health, armour points, what weapons are owned, what weapon is equipped, how much ammo is left, and a time counter. The time counter isn't used on all mission, however. The maximum health points and armour points are 199. The maximum could only be obtained by picking up certain items; Food and Brest plate. No other items would add to the total of Health or Armour above 100 points.

Players could somewhat interact with the environment. There was the ability to cling onto the ceiling and move horizontally. Jake would move hand-over-hand like how you'd use "monkey bars" at a playground. Garathe Den, on the other hand, crawls along the ceiling using both his hand and feet, while doing this most enemies couldn't attack him. While hanging Jake could also tuck his body upwards to avoid some enemy's attacks, or attack-path in the case of mines - he could not move while in this position, though, so it wasn't as handy as Garathe Den's ceiling crawl.

There were other ways to avoid attacks, too. Such as pressing up against the walls. By pressing the up button, the character would press up flatly against the wall in that direction, and this caused laser fire from stationary guns to miss, and also some enemies couldn't attack a player in this position, but would be waiting right in-front of him for some guaranteed damage when he returns.

Game modes

Single Player

In single player the player has to guide a specific character through a level filled with enemies and other pitfalls, such as fire. There at 65 missions in total, and in some of these missions the player can find pieces of a vehicle which are necessary to progress.


In the Multiplayer there are 35 different missions, and 2 different types of missions. 20 of the missions are competitive head-to-head missions where player 1 and player 2 fight to the death. Killing an opponent will send them back to the start, unless they've been killed enough times to win the match. The number of kills to win the match and time limit are user-defined numbers between 1-99.

The other 15 missions are cooperative ones. In these co-op missions the players, 1 and 2, work together to complete the level.


Major minions

This Bruiser sure takes bullets like a man!
This Bruiser sure takes bullets like a man!
  • Death is a blood-red skeleton covered in flames, who can effortlessly pass through walls - making him a very potent foe.
  • Bruiser, a large, heavily armoured robot, is a very slow moving opponent but makes up for it in both attack and defence. Armed with a rocket launcher to do some heavy-duty damage, he can also do a jump attack causing an earthquake when he lands - this earthquake will knock Hunters down.

Minor minions

  • Security robots will patrol for Hunters, they come in 4 types, each causing different amounts of damage, but all are equally low on defence.
  • Manta rays are evolved through genetic science to make them air-breathing creatures that are very quick, and deadly.
  • Chameleons are a humanoid creature that are both fast and stealthy. They can blend in with the backdrop and strike quickly from behind. They're also known to walk on the ceilings and walls of the combat arenas.
  • Chaos creepers were genetically engineered to be a cross between a frog and a grenade. They will chase down the Hunter and attempt to catch him in their explosion.
  • Molotov Cactus, a techno-organism, designed to look like a large, spiky flower discharges a pollen that infuses with the DNA of that who is infected. This process will create a new life-form, unfortunately killing the host in the process.
  • Hovering mines are mines that hover through the air, slowly following a Hunter. These mines can be destroyed in just one hit. Through-out arenas there can be hovering mine generators, which can be destroyed to stop the supply of hovering mines to that directly effected area. Different coloured mines travel at different speeds.

Items & Weapons

  • Food restores 99 points-worth of health to a Hunter. The food looks like canned meat in a white and red tin. According to the manual it is canned ham, which is apparently better than spam.
  • Health restores 25 points-worth of health to a Hunter. Health comes in white bags shaped like a heart, with a red cross in the middle.
  • Anti-venom cures a Hunter from the poison status. The anti-venom comes in a green package with a red cross on the front. The game manual recommends injecting this into the carotid artery on being poisoned.
  • Gloves provide 20 armour points upon every pick-up. They look very similar to gloves, but they spin around in a circle, mid-air.
  • Boots increase the armour by 25 points, in the arena they appear to be walking, stationary, in the air.
  • Helmet adds 50 points of armour, the helmet appears in the arena spinning around in a circle, mid-air.
  • Breast Plate provides 100 points of armour, much like other pieces of armour spins around in the air.
  • Club, a weapon only usable by Garathe Den, is used to hit things in melee rage.
  • Whip, a weapon only usable by Garathe Den, is a ranged weapon. Oddly, instead of hitting things with it directly, it emits a bolt of plasma to damage foes that disperses over distance.
  • Knife, for Garathe Den only, is a throwing weapon. It has limited uses based on how many Garathe Den is carrying.
  • Pistol, a weapon for Jake only, is a pretty standard pistol that has an ammo capacity of 99. It also appears to fire in bursts of 3.
  • Shotgun, a weapon for Jake only, is more powerful than his pistol, but is less effective over range.
  • Rocket Launcher, again a weapon for Jake only, is his most powerful weapon.
  • Ninja Stars can be used by either of the Hunters. These ninja stars aren't just ordinary ninja stars, though - they're explosive ones!
  • Grenades, like the ninja stars can be used by either hunter, and like they ninja stars they explode on impact.

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