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    Hunters, or Mgalekgolo are an alien species of the Halo series. They are comprised of small worms bound together in a hulking, formidable shell. They invariably fight in pairs, and are the strongest Covenant warriors.

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    Massive as they are dangerous, Hunters, or Mgalekgolo, as they are know within the Covenant, are an Armoured colony of small, orange, worm like alien species called Lekgolo, which Ironically means these Hunters or Mgalekgolo are the rarest form of the Lekgolo in their species, serving as Mersenaries for the Covenant forces in trade for space travel and technology. The Worm like Lekgolo, when bonded, become incredibly intelligent, becoming 12 foot tall, six ton juggernaughts. Hunters travel in pairs, known as "bond brothers," these are created when one Lekgolo colony becomes too large for its armour and is split into two separate Mgalekgolo, if one were to die, the other would go berserk and enter a rampage as their bond is very close. They communicate in low vibrations they are both mysterious, and Quiet creatures when not in battle, sometimes reciting poetry to pass the time. They are equipped with heavy armor, a shield made out of super dense material, as strong as the hull of a starship, and Fuel Rod cannon which fires mortar like projectiles, and in later games can fire in a steady beam. After the Great Schism within the Covenant, some Hunters allied with the Elites, Hunters are one of the few species that the Elites are known to respect, other Hunters remained with the Prophets.


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