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    Hunting Rifle

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    Rifle used in Fallout series.

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    Common weapon in the Fallout universe.

    Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics

    The Hunting Rifle in these Fallout games is identical. The Hunting Rifle in these three games looks similar to the Colt Rangemaster, and is likely where the design for the weapon was derived from. In the first two Fallout games, the Hunting Rifle is worth $1000, and is chambered for .223 rounds. In Fallout 2, it can be upgraded with a 10x or 20x scope. In Fallout Tactics, the gun retains the same design, but fires a 7.62mm round. 

    Fallout 3

    The Hunting Rifle is a bolt action rifle in this game, like that of previous games. However, in Fallout 3 it no longer looks like a Rangemaster. It simply looks like a general bolt action rifle, and it fires a .32 round. After leaving Vault 101, the Hunting Rifle is normally the first 'real' rifle that a player encounters. Many Super Mutants use the Hunting Rifle, so it is normally extremely easy to find the .32 ammo required for the weapon. There are two special variants of the Hunting Rifle in the game, and these are Ol' Painless, and Lincoln's Repeater. Both of these special variants can be repaired using standard Hunting Rifles.

    Fallout 3 Stats

    Type/Skill Used: Small Guns
    Damage at 100% Condition: 25
    Repair With: Hunting Rifle


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