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Types of Hunting

Deer Hunting

 A good sized buck
 A good sized buck
Hunting deer requires an enormous amount of patience and quietness. It isn't necessary to get up extremely early in the morning but some hunters do to get prepared. Treestands are common, as they provide an increased line of sight and make it difficult to be spotted. Rifles are used to kill the deer. Depending on the area, a hunter may find himself waiting for a deer for several hours at a time. Deer are easily spooked, so one must remain extremely still and quiet the whole time. 
A group of hunters can "push" deer, in which one or two people walk through an area where deer are believed to be, causing them to move towards the rest of the hunters that lie in wait. 
Orange must be worn at all times when deer hunting so other hunters won't mistake you for prey. 

Duck Hunting

 A duck hunter firing from his blind
 A duck hunter firing from his blind
Hunting ducks can be done either from a boat or some sort of blind. Unlike deer hunting, the hunter must get up extremely early in the morning (2-4 A.M.) so they can get set up before the ducks start flying around. Another difference is that the hunter does not need to be deathly quiet the time. This makes communication with hunting partners easier. 
Duck calls are used whenever ducks are near to try to get them to come in. The addition of decoys makes for a pretty convincing sight. Because the shotguns that are used in duck hunting have limited range, the hunter(s) must wait for the ducks to descend pretty close before opening fire. In addition, many hunters utilize dogs that swim out and bring the dead birds back to them.
Orange does not need to be worn when duck hunting.

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