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    Hurricane Kick

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    While the original Japanese Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku literally translates to "Tornado Whirlwind Foot"; Hurricane Kick is the commonly accepted name for this Street Fighter move.

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    Also known as the Tornado or Helicopter Kick, the Hurricane Kick was first used in Shanghai Kid, pre-dating its introduction by Ryu and Ken in the original Street Fighter. It was then used by Akuma when he was introduced in Super Turbo. It has later become a stable in the move arsenal of Shoto-characters. The move consists of the character jumping into the air, extending one of his legs, while the other is left hanging straight down, and spinning violently as he moves toward the opponent. Note that this move would never work in the real world, as standard physics would dictate that the attacker's leg would bounce off the target's body, halting their spinning and forward momentum and causing them to crash to the ground.

    The button input for the Hurricane Kick is quarter circle back and a kick button. Depending on the kick button used the character will travel farther during the kick. A harder version used at close range can also inflict multiple hits. In some iterations, the Hurricane Kick is even able to fly over enemy fireballs. In the later iterations of Street Fighter II, it became possible to execute the move while jumping, allowing the player's character to travel great distances quickly by simply flying across the screen, as well as attacking opponents in the air with the Hurricane Kick.


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