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    Once Wayne's childhood friend, Hush is now one of his greatest foes. Elliot was born into a wealthy family, like Bruce, but unlike Bruce, Hush hated his parents. Like Batman, Hush honed his skills to a point of almost superhuman qualities. He is an expert marksman, surgeon, and hand-to-hand combatant.

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    Tommy Elliot was a child hood friend of Bruce wayne. Bruce and Tommy were born both into wealthy families. Thomas Wayne was glad to see his son Bruce having fun with a friend, because he knew that his son needed a friend. Tommy and Bruce's favorite thing to do was to play strategy games, like chess or checkers. Tommy would always beat Bruce in games like that. Unlike Bruce, Tommy hated his parents, he loved money and the power of it. So he decided to cut the brakes to his father and mother's limo. Later on, Thomas Wayne could only save his mother. Before Tommy's father died, Bruce promised Tommy that nothing would happen to either parent. However, after the death of Tommy's father, Tommy lashed out at Bruce in anger. Bruce fought back, but his father stopped them in between the fight. Thomas Wayne rebuked Bruce for fighting back, and comforted Tommy like a father. Bruce never entirely forgave his father for what he said to him. After the death of the Waynes, Tommy started to hate Bruce, because Bruce got the Wayne family fortune, and Tommy wanted to be in the same position that Bruce was at. Tommy went through his life, and eventually went to Harvard and became a successful surgeon. Tommy's mother later came down with cancer. At some point in Tommy's career as a surgeon, he treated Edward Nigma A.k.a The Riddler. Riddler was diagnosed with cancer also. Nigma decided to go to one of Ra's Al Ghul's "Lazurus Pits". While Nigma was insane, he told Tommy that Bruce Wayne was Batman. Elliot later on killed his mother to inherit the Elliot fortune. He then left to go train himself in martial arts and medical skills. He came back as the Criminal Hush.


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