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The term Hyrulian is used to describe a character who's respective race originated in Hyrule.

Races Of Hyrulians

Races that appear in (just about) every Zelda game:
Example of a Goron.
Example of a Goron.

  • Hylians
  • Zoras
  • Gorons
  • Sheikahs
  • Dekus
  • Gerudos
  • Fairies

Races limited to certain Zelda games:
Two Deku Scubs, as depicted in Majora's Mask
Two Deku Scubs, as depicted in Majora's Mask

  • Kokiri (Oot, Tww)
  • Subrosians (Ooa, Oos)
  • Tokay (Oaa)
  • Minish / Picori (Tmc)
  • Rito (Tww)
  • Korok (Tww)
  • Ooccas(Tp)
  • Twili (Tp)


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