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I Get This Call Every Day is a dialogue-based game created by David S Gallant, based off of his former day job at a call center.

The player is the agent, who receives a call from a customer looking to change the address on their account. The caller, identified as "Billy J Swarth," isn't prepared with enough information and cannot get through the bureaucratic confidentiality process.

The game is a Kobayashi Maru - an un-winnable scenario. The player's choices result in either aggravating the caller (which escalates it to a manager), being too lenient and breaking confidentiality, or getting to the end of the call unable to really do anything for the caller. It is a lightly filtered version of a type of call the game's creator claims to have received on a daily basis while working in a call center.


On January 29th, the game and its creator were featured on the front page of the Toronto Star, a major Canadian news publication. The article described the game as an "online rant against taxpayers" and brought the game to the attention of David's employers, the Canada Revenue Agency. David confirmed over Twitter that by the end of day on January 29th, his employment with the Canada Revenue Agency had been terminated.


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