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    i Love Katamari

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 07, 2008

    I Love Katamari is a continuation of the addictive Katamari Damacy formula on the iOS mobile platforms.

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    In this iPhone/iPod touch edition of the series conceived by Keita Takahashi, players roll a ball (the Katamari) to collect objects in the world by tilting the device in the desired direction.


    While floating through space, the King of All Cosmos was nearly struck by the "moon" created previously by the Prince. After dodging that, the King was instead struck by a meteoroid. Post-collision, the King becomes confused and requests that the Prince return to Earth to pick up seemingly random objects that are foreign to the Prince.


    The Prince rolls the Katamari around one of five levels (the Takeda residence, backyard, park, town, or island) and collects objects by rolling over them. As he collects objects, the Katamari grows larger allowing for the collection of still larger objects within the world. The Prince must look out for certain moving objects such as animals, people, and vehicle as those objects, if too large to be collected by the Katamari, can collide with it and dislodge objects from it.

    Game modes

    Each of the games levels offers four modes of play.
    1. In Story Mode, the Prince is tasked by the King with collecting a specific object within the time limit.
    2. In Time Attack Mode, the Prince is given a limited time to make the Katamari as large as possible.
    3. In Exact Size Challenge Mode, the Prince is given a target size (in metric units) to achieve with the Katamari. There is no time limit. The player may stop using an option in the pause menu at any point to check against the target size.
    4. Eternal Mode is the game's sandbox in which the Prince may roll the Katamari without any limits or goals.


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