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    The boss in Guilty Gear X2. She fights with her guitar.

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    I-no hunts gears and is famous for ripping of her top and flashing her boobs after winning a fight. She works for That Man.

    Her overdrive moves are called Longing Desperation and Ultimate Fortissimo and Her instant kill is called Last Will and Testament.

    I-no has the power of time-travel, which she used to save Ky Kiske's life, otherwise the Holy order would have lost the war. In I-no's timeline the Order lost and humanity came close to being annihilated by the Gears, led by Dizzy.


    She is 5 foot and 5 inches tall and weighs 101 lbs. Her birthday is on the 25th of November, her bloodtype and race are unknown. She has multicolored eyes. She is classified an S-class threat, the highest level. She seems to get a sadistic pleasure from harassing Dizzy. She disrespects, taunts and exposes herself in several ways to her opponents.


    "Cover songs are nice, but nothing beats the original"
    "I need you to satisfy me"(Taunt)
    "You haven't written *BEEP*-hole" (to Sol Badguy)
    "Unusual to find a praiseworthy opponent"

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