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Written by Sandy White, author of 3D Ant Attack and the follow-up Zombie Zombie, and published by Electric Dreams Software for the ZX Spectrum. This game was also advertised and/or previewed in some magazines for the Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC but it probably was never released for these systems.


Crash12/198548, 49ZX Spectrum92 out of 10092-English
Computer + Video Games01/198615 ZX Spectrum8.3 out of 1083
Micro Hobby01/198612, 13ZX Spectrum8.2 out of 1082
Sinclair User01/198619 ZX Spectrum4 out of 580
Chris BourneEnglish
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)03/19868, 9ZX Spectrum8 out of 1080
Manfred KleimannGerman
Your Sinclair01/198633ZX Spectrum7.8 out of 1078-English
ZX Computing02+03/198641ZX Spectrum4 out of 667
Computer Gamer01/198672 ZX Spectrum3.3 out of 565
Popular Computing Weekly11/21/198519ZX Spectrum3 out of 560
John MinsonEnglish
Happy Computer02/1986162Amstrad CPC, C64, ZX Spectrum--
Heinrich LenhardtGerman
Popular Computing Weekly11/14/198549ZX Spectrum--


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