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    Iago is the wise talking parrot from the Aladdin cartoon. He was Jafar's sidekick, but he turned good, and is now Aladdin's friend.

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    The Movies:

    Iago first appeared in the 1992 The Aladdin Movie and the secondary antagonist, but later becomes the anti-hero in the next movie.

    He is an anthropomorphic red parrot that serves as a pet, sidekick and henchman to the Evil Sorcerer Jafar that once served him to his loyalty by eliminating his arch-nemesis Aladdin.

    Iago returned in the 1994 The Aladdin: The Return of Jafar as he becomes homeless parrot since his evil sidekick Jafar betrayed him as first that Aladdin and his friend weren't too happy with him since he become an evil sidekick too Jafar, but ever since Iago is getting into a spirit and saved Aladdin's life in the end, Iago becomes a good guy and now is an pet ally to Aladdin and his friends.

    TV Series:

    Iago is the main characters in the TV series and starting a new life that he is now a friend to Aladdin. Iago's personality that he is loud, short-tempered, obnixious and generally smug parrot since he's recovering himself as he became a cruel sidekick to Jafar in past, but Iago is out there to help Aladdin and his friends.


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