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Ian Kilmister, known as "Lemmy" from Motorhead, does voice-overs and appears in games. In Brutal Legend, Ian plays as The Kill Master, a bad ass motorcycle driving bass player. The character model highly resembles Ian in real life, as Brad Shoemaker has pointed out.
Ian was born on Christmas Eve in 1945 to his mother and father (Who walked out on the family when Lemmy was three months old). When Ian was 10 years old, his mother remarried, and they moved to North Wales. Around this time, Ian began to show great interest in rock 'n' roll music. This interest grew even more when he saw The Beatles perform at The Cavern Club when he was sixteen. When The Beatles released Please Please Me in 1963, Ian began to play along to it on guitar, resulting in a foreshadowing of his later career as a musician.

Motorhead is categorized by most as a heavy metal or speed metal band, but Ian likes to consider it rock 'n' roll music, since he began playing music long before metal began. Motorhead is considered influential by many bands, both past and present, and have released 20 albums.

Most people view Ian as the front man for Motorhead, but he actually began playing in a band called Hawkwind, a progressive/acid/space rock group who achieved a moderate amount of popularity in the late 60's to the early-mid 70's.  When Lemmy joined Hawkwind, he began to learn bass, which would be a big part of his future career. In 1975, Ian was arrested for drug possession in Canada, resulting in him being fired from the band. 
Ian has also worked on various musical projects, including Dave Grohl's "Probot" and Slash's self-titled solo album.
Ian has been known for his fast bass playing and his hard living. In fact, Ian has reportedly bedded 1,200 women. He is also    

Lemmy flippin' the bird
Lemmy flippin' the bird
easily recognizable by his facial moles, his mutton chops, his gravelly singing voice, and his tendency to use the middle finger.
Along with Ian, Rob Halford  did voice overs in Brutal Legend.   On a side note, an early  design for the main character in Brutal Legend was strongly influenced by Ian's appearance.                                                                                                    
Ian also appears in Guitar Hero: Metallica. He is an unlockable character. 
Ian has had a major impact on the music scene, influencing countless metal-lovers throughout the world. In fact, his influence on people is so big that a documentary on him, called "Lemmy," will be released later in 2010. It is about two years in the making and will feature interviews by  multiple musicians, including Alice Cooper, Dave Grohl, Mick Jones, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Peter Cook, Jim Heath, Steve Vai, C. C. Deville, Peter Hook, Jarvis Cocker, Mike Inez, Marky Ramone, Fast Eddie Clarke, Dee Snider, Slim Jim Phantom, and Dave Brock and Stacia (former Hawkwind bandmates). The movie will also feature interviews from non-musicians, including wrestler Triple H, Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, and professional skateboarder Geoff Rowley. The film will, in addition to discussing Ian's impact on music, bring up and debunk myths/rumors regarding Ian's lifestyle

Lemmy as he appears in Guitar Hero: Metallica
Lemmy as he appears in Guitar Hero: Metallica

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