Ian Taggart

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    Colonel Ian Taggart commands the Blackwatch troops deployed on Manhattan Island. They are tasked with containing the viral outbreak that plagues the city.

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    When the presence of the Blacklight virus is confirmed on Manhattan Island, Colonel Ian Taggart is deployed to the island as commander on the field. His top priority is the containment and eventual eradication of the infection by utilizing a combination of traditional United States and Blackwatch armed forces.

    His tactics prove largely fruitless, however. Upon rising casualties, Colonel Taggart orders a general retreat, believing that the best mode of confrontation will be from distant bombardment. General Randall is outraged by the retreat, and orders Captain Cross to detain Taggart immediately. With the help of Alex Mercer, Taggart is secretly killed while attempting to run the blockade around Manhattan, and the shapeshifter assumes Taggart's form in order to be brought by Cross as a prisoner to Randall.

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