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    Ice Cavern

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    The first dungeon you visit in Final Fantasy IX

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    The Ice Cavern is one of the first locations in Final Fantasy IX that your party will enter. After narrowly escaping from the Evil Forest, the party makes its way to the cave, where Vivi reveals that it should lead to land up high above the Mist. As its name implies, it is a cavern covered in ice, a freezing cold anomaly since both exits lead to warm, temperate weather.

    Inside the cavern are numerous ice walls and movable objects, all of which can be handled by Vivi's Fire magic. Upon burning down the ice walls or blasting logs around, Zidane is able to recover some treasure. Vivi's Fire magic is also handy against just about every enemy you can fight. Generally, a Fire spell on the entire enemy party will kill them all in one foul swoop.


    • Wyerd: a large, blue, tusked beast that can switch it's current HP with that of one of your team members.
        HP: 129
        Steal: Potion, Tent, Phoenix Down
    • Cave Imp: a small, goblin-like creature that will often induce Sleep status on a party member.
        HP: 74
        Steal: Potion, Phoenix Down
    • Flan: a small, vicious-looking blob known to headbutt opponents.
        HP: 75
        Steal: Potion, Ore
    • Black Waltz No. 1: the boss in the Ice Cavern, along with companion Sea Lion.
        HP: 229
        Steal: Remedy, Silk Shirt
    • Sea Lion: a giant, violent beast, known for using it's Wings and Ice magic.
        HP: 472
        Steal: Ether, Mythril Dagger

    When Zidane and the party pass Mois the moogle, they encounter a raging blizzard from within the cave. One by one they pass out, and some time later Zidane awakes, mid-blizzard, to the ringing of a bell. He runs ahead, and meets the cause: Black Waltz No. 1! He's apparently the first of 3 superior Black Mage designs that is sent to retrieve the Princess, killing all who stand in its way. Zidane fights him alone, only to have the Sea Lion brought in against him. The best way to go about this battle is to kill the Black Waltz, and steal the Mythril Dagger from Sea Lion. After that, hack away at the giant behemoth, with physical attacks or Trance magic, and enjoy the spoils (not to mention the warmer weather).

    After killing the foes, Zidane returns, gathers up the party, who are just re-awakening, and they leave, finally reaching Dali village.


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