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    Ice Cream

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    Ice Cream is a common cold dessert, usually made with milk/cream, a flavoring agent, and sugar, chilled until solid. Not to be confused with frozen custard, frozen yogurt, sorbet or gelato.

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    To produce ice cream, a mixture of milk/cream, a flavoring agent and sweeteners is brought below freezing temperature while slowly being stirred, preventing any large ice crystals from occurring and forming a smooth paste. Ice cream is consumed while cold and is thus popular during summer and in hot climes. Ice cream produced with eggs, as in the style of custards, may be referred to (by the snooty) as "french ice cream".

    Like most foodstuffs, ice cream tends not to figure very deeply, if at all, into gameplay. In the early days of gaming it was often used as a generic collectible, awarding score, healing, or both. Most games on the list below, however, use an ice cream-selling stall as a buildable profit-generating emplacement.

    A third, more clandestine option is camouflaging black-ops vans as ice cream delivery vans. Watch your karma, however. Creating droves of dissapointed kids by pretending to sell ice cream when you have none is a rather evil thing to do.


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