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    Founded in 2002, this small Russian developer has become known for highly unusual, sometimes creepy single-player games like The Void and Cargo! The Quest for Gravity.

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    Ice-Pick Lodge is based in Moscow, Russia, and have kept to their headquarters there ever since the studio's establishment in 2002. The small studio has released four games so far, published by various companies including Atari and Buka Entertainment.

    Ice-Pick Lodge's debut title, Pathologic, was released June 2005, and The Void was released in 2008. 2011's Cargo! The Quest for Gravity departed from the dark, horror-tinged themes of the previous two games, becoming somewhat of a cult hit for its bizarre concepts and surreal, whimsical tone. The studio's next game, the Kickstarter-funded Knock-Knock, returned to the horror genre.

    Key people

    • Nikolay Dybowskiy - founder of the studio, CEO, lead game designer and writer
    • Airat Zakirov - lead logic programmer and project manager
    • Peter Potapov - art director
    • Aleksey Bakhvalov - lead engine programmer
    • Igor Pokrovskiy - level designer, texturer, beta-tester and all-purpose developer
    • Vasiliy Kashnikov - sound director and composer
    • Aleksander Jukov - character modeller
    • Aleksey Luchin - programmer, translator (starting from The Void), community manager and all-purpose developer

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