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    Icefall Glacier

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    Icefall Glacier rests at the northern reaches of Antonica at the base of the eastern edge of the Everfrost Peaks.

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    Icefall Glacier is a massive valley that divides The Steppes from the frozen peaks leading to Valdeholm. Wildlife here is similar to that of Everfrost Peaks, which lie to the west over the impassable mountains. Mammoths, wolves, and polar bears roam freely over the tundra attacking any adventurer idling too long in one place or unfortunately losing their invisibility at the wrong time. More important though are the three warring factions of kobolds, orcs, and goblins. The battles between the Nightmoon, the Coldeye, and the Frostbite are easy for adventurers to get caught in the middle of, but if the only goal is to pass through to Valdeholm, the task is not too difficult. One would be advised to simply stay far away from Avalanche, the colossal ice golem.


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