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    Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 19, 2001

    Heart of Winter is the official expansion pack to Icewind Dale, featuring new quests, items, spells, and some technical improvements to the game.

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    Heart of Winter was the first and only retail expansion for Icewind Dale for the PC.   It was developed by Black Isle Studios.  It was followed by a free expansion called Trials of the Luremaster.

    Heart of Winter could be accessed during normal play of Icewind Dale, or could be started as a stand-alone adventure if you had already finished Icewind Dale, using the final save of the game to import your characters.  It could be accessed during normal play through a locked door in the town of Khandahar, the main hub of the original game.  The story involves the player's party visiting an isle inhabited by Barbarians to negotiate peace between them and the inhabitants of the Ten Towns, whose lands they are encroaching on.

    The expansion featured new content and items that were useable in the original game, as well as new portraits and sound files for extra party customization.  It also featured improvements to the Infinity Engine including the ability to set the resolution higher than 640x480.

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