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    Ichiban Kasuga

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    An orphan, raised by homeless people, pledging himself to the service of the Arakawa Yakuza Family, after their boss sacrificed a finger to save Ichiban from harm. He is the new main protagonist of the Yakuza series, succeeding Kazuma Kiryu.

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    Born on New Year's Eve, 1977, as the son of a prostitute Ichiban had no parents to nurture and protect him, as his only mother would abandon him on the streets. The homeless, who roam Kamurocho, would thus raise him as one of their own. Although his accomodations were shabby, Ichiban did get the opportunity to attend middle school. He abandoned his educational growth, however, and spent his time beating up street monkeys for money to survive instead. One day he ends up brutally injuring a high ranking yakuza, that earns him the eire of his victim's comrades. Ichiban is tortured by said yakuza, until he gives them the name "Arakawa", claiming he is part of said family and they'll regret messing with them.

    His bluff backfires and only angers the Yakuza, they call out the boss of the Arakawa family, and demands he take responsibiltiy for the actions of his "man". Much to Ichiban's surprise, Arakawa gives them his finger as retribution for Ichiban's deeds. Ichiban profusingly apologizing to Arakawa, which is only met with discorn as the old man claims "he didn't do it for his sake". He goes on to explain that a yakuza must always uphold the peace, and avoid unnecessary conflict while maintaining a stable reputation. Ichiban is confused on why he simply didn't tell the truth, and the old boss doesn't know either. This leads Ichiban gaining an utmost respect for the man who gave up a lot to save him, so he joins his Yakuza family.


    • Ichiban’s origin is an almost complete rendition of Kiryu’s, even the colour scheme on his outfit feels like it mirrors Kiryu; A red jacket and white shirt to that of Kiryu’s grayish jacket and red shirt.

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