Ieyasu Tokugawa

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    Ieyasu Tokugawa was a warlord of feudal Japan. He managed to unify the land under his banner, leading to a lasting peace and bringing an end to the Warring States Period.

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    Ieyasu Tokugawa was a warlord of Japan's Warring States era.  From Mikawa, he became a loyal officer of Nobunaga Oda following Nobunaga's triumph over Yoshimoto Imagawa at the Battle of Okehazama.  After Nobunaga's assassination years later, Tokugawa vied against Hideyoshi Toyotomi for the right to carry on their lord's legacy, but eventually backed down and allowed his rival to take command.
    Hideyoshi managed to unite the land under his rule.  However, after he died, Ieyasu once again sought power for himself and fought against those still loyal to the Toyotomi.  His Eastern Army successfully defeated the Western Army at the Battle of Sekigahara, which eventually led to his taking control of Japan for himself.  The government established under Ieyasu's leadership, the Tokugawa Shogunate, would remain in power for generations, bringing an end to the Warring States era.

    In Video Games

    As one of the most important figures of Japanese history, Ieyasu Tokugawa has been portrayed in numerous video games over the years.  In the Samurai Warriors series, he is a short, rotund fighter that waits patiently for his opportunity to rise to power.  In the Sengoku Basara series, he is depicted as a handsome young man that fights using his fists and has a purely heroic personality and attitude.  He has also been commonly featured as a historical personality of the Civilization series, took the lead role in the original Kessen and a supporting role in Kessen III, and appeared in the Nobunaga's Ambition series as an officer.

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