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    IF is the name of one of the party members in Hyperdimension Neptunia. She is the in-game representation of the video game developer Idea Factory for the PS3.

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    In Hyperdimension Neptunia, IF is a member of a guild that does not worship the goddess of the land they were born in, but worships one of the other goddesses from one of the other three lands. She originally was a citizen of Leanbox, under the protection of Lady Green Heart, but left after joining the guild and choosing to worship another goddess. She runs into both Neptune and Compa in one of the underground dungeons on Planeptune, and decides to join their party shortly afterward. She is a talented treasure hunter, and has the ability to search and locate hidden treasure chests in each dungeon/map. By using this ability, she is able to find rare items such as new Drives for Neptune to equip and use in combat when transformed into her Purple Heart form. Hidden treasure chests located by IF are usually blue (in comparison to the standard red treasure chests scattered around each dungeon) and can be found by following the trail of light that she summons that shows the direction of the treasure.


    IF first starts off her adventure with Neptune and Compa armed with twin claw weapons, which are somewhat similar to the claw weapon that Vega uses in Street Fighter IV. She is primarily a melee character, employing powerful kicks, slashing attacks, and multiple-hit combos that allow for her to string together several attacks in quick succession. Her claw weapons can be upgraded and replaced with newer, more powerful weapons made from rare metals and even sharp stone/diamonds that inflict more damage and can also cause the target to become paralyzed or poisoned. IF also has access to ranged attacks, but they are not as powerful as the majority of her melee attacks in battle.


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