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    A fire-elemental summon, also known as Jinn, that appears in countless Final Fantasy games.

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    Ifrit is the recurring fire-elemental summon in the Final Fantasy series. His Hellfire attack, sometimes called Flames of Hell or Inferno, deals fire-elemental damage to all foes.

    Ifrit was a type of Jinn, originally as referenced in Final Fantasy IV, found in the Qur'an, often read as "efreet" or "ifreet." It doesn't embody fire in these religious texts, but it is often associated with the element in popular culture. Not a Final Fantasy exclusive, Ifrit can be found in various fantasy and role-playing games, including Dungeons & Dragons.

    Ifrit's physical appearance has changed from title to title, but generally has the following characteristics:

    A sizable being
    A sizable being
    • Large horns that curl
    • A skin color that is on the gradient between green and brown, or is red
    • Sharp claws on its hands, feet, or both
    • Hair or a loin cloth covering its crotch area
    • An intimidating and muscular frame


    Final Fantasy III

    As seen in the NES release of FFIII
    As seen in the NES release of FFIII

    Ifrit's introduction to the Final Fantasy franchise. Ifrit can be summoned once the spell Heatra is purchased.

    His abilities are:

    • Healing Light - heals all members of your party
    • Hellfire - inflicts fire-elemental damage on a single target
    • Inferno - inflicts fire-elemental damage to all opponents

    Final Fantasy IV

    Referred to as Jinn in the SNES release, Ifrit is usable once Rydia leaves Feymarch to rejoin the party.

    Final Fantasy V

    FFV's Ifrit
    FFV's Ifrit

    Ifrit must be defeated as a boss to use his powers. Found in the Library of the Ancients, it is said that Ifrit's sole purpose is to burn the library's monster-posessed books.

    Final Fantasy VI

    Ifrit is discovered as an aggressive and near-lifeless Esper. As you battle it, a conversation between Ifrit and Ramuh enlightens the beast to your common enemy, Kefka. Ifrit offers his services to the party in the form of magicite.

    Final Fantasy VII

    Ifrit in FFVII
    Ifrit in FFVII

    Ifrit's materia is found on the Shinra Cargo Ship after completing the game's first form of Jenova, Jenova BIRTH.

    Characters equipping the materia recieved these stat changes:

    • Magic 1
    • Max HP -2%
    • Max MP -2%

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Ifrit's Triple Triad card
    Ifrit's Triple Triad card

    Ifrit is fought in the Fire Cavern of Final Fantasy VIII. Found early in the game, Ifrit is the third Guardian Force the player obtains (after Quetzalcoatl and Shiva.) Like in Final Fantasy VI, Ifrit talks to the party during the battle, and is clearly surprised whenever Shiva is summoned. Ifrit drops his own Triple Triad, the card game played in the FFVIII universe, card when you defeat him. A greatly powerful card for so early in the game, Ifrit gives the player a great opportunity to win many card games.

    Final Fantasy X

    Ifrit, the second summon that Yuna finds on her pilgrimage, is found in the Kilika temple. Ifrit's overdrive is called Hellfire, and it deals significant fire damage to all enemies.


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