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    Ikana Canyon

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    Located to the East of Clock Town this is the place where an old Kingdom, which is now destroyed, was built.

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    Ikana Canyon, located in Termina, is one of the four areas Link travels to in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The area was home to the ancient Ikana Empire, a military kingdom with a "blood-stained history', whose inhabitants still roam the area as ghosts. It is located to the East of Clock Town and is typically the last area explored before fighting Majora's Mask.


    Ikana Canyon is seen as a barren wasteland with stone huts and dusty soil. The enemies that lurk the area are comprised of supernatural beings: franchise regulars like ReDeads and Poes being prominent. As well, it  is haunted by the souls of kings, soldiers, and assassins who all found themselves in the bloody history of the since fallen kingdom. The latter, ghosts of an assassin clan known as the Garo attack the player when they walk into a certain area wearing Garo's Mask. Defeating these souls gives the players hints and information on the area.



    On the North side of the area lies the graveyard, where Ikana's warriors and kings come to rest. It is watched over by the cowardly Dampe, returning from Ocarina of Time, who loiters the area (very slowly) during the day. At the end of the graveyard lies his house, and the 'remains' of a mighty Ikana general. Link awakens him with the Sonata of Awakening then gives chase. After defeating him, he is given the Captain's Hat: which allows the player to talk to Stalchild soldiers. 
    At night, the graves are watched over by a battalion of these Stalchilds, who open certain graves depending on which day the game is on. Under one such grave lies the spirit of Flat, another returning character, who teaches Link The Song of Storms to save his brother, Sharp. 

    Sakon's Hideout

    Link comes here with Kafei on the Final Day to steal back the Sun Mask from Sakon, a local thief. In this area, players control both Link and Kafei through a series of room to stop a conveyor belt.

    Music Box Hut

    The temporary home of a paranormal scientist and his daughter, Pamela. He came to the area to study Gibdos, the mummy versions of ReDeads, only to partially become one himself. The water-powered hut plays a loud song called "Farewell to Gibdos" which, as the name implies, keeps the creatures at bay. When Link first arrives, the waterway is dry and Gibdos circle the house. When Link 'saves' Sharp at the source, the water returns and powers the house once more. Link can then enter, use the Song of Healing on the father, and collect the Gibdo Mask from the result.

    The Empty Well

     A series of caverns guarded by needy Gibdos. Link comes down here to collect the Mirror Shield and make passage to Ikana Castle. Using the Gibdo Mask, Link talks to the creatures, who demand certain items before Link can continue. Usually, this means the player must leave the well and find the needed goods, though they can all be found somewhere in the caverns. At the end, Link gets the shield and proceeds to the castle.

    Ancient Castle of Ikana

    The center of the Ikana Kingdom- with undead legions guarding Its decrepit halls. Inside this sub-dungeon, Link fights King Igos du Ikana and his bodguards, who can only be defeated with light from the Mirror Shield. After the battle, he teaches Link the Elegy of Emptiness; which allows Lin to make wooden copies of himself and his transformations. 

    Stone Tower

    See: Stone Tower
    Stone Tower is the main area of Ikana Canyon. At its top lies its temple, which has its own unique layout and mechanic: flipping the area upside down.

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