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The game my seem tough as nails at first but you will soon find that the game has a great difficulty curve. Though the best part of the game is that the controls are so finely tuned that everytime you die you KNOW that its your fault and not the games. Treasures "Light and Dark" system works wonders for the game and makes even the most tricky levels a joy to play. The chain combos add further depth making it worth playing the same level over and over again to get that higher score.

The only problem with the Dreamcast version of the game is that the number of chain combos is displayed on the VMU making you pause every so often or look down to see if the chain is still going. Other then that this is the most faithful port of the game from the Naomi arcade platform with perfect audio and graphics. And the Dreamcast D-Pad is perfect with its concave design for 2D shooters. Also make sure to try it the way it was ment to be played.... with the Dreamcast Agetec Joystick. This game should be the game in which all shooters that come after it should be judged against.

If you only play one 2D shooter in your life... Make it this one.

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