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Padded quest design, Bad Combat and bland presentation. Nothing shines in Ikenfell 0

On paper, Ikenfell sounds amazing. It’s a 16-bit RPG with gameplay inspired by the Paper Mario series and a setting reminiscent of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books. I wanted to find something to like in this game, but there are numerous elements to the game that didn’t work for me. The story is a wild goose chase. The gameplay is punishingly difficult. The presentation is bland. There are some really odd-ball soundtracks that I found unfitting, grating and annoying. And the queer m...

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Super Cute and Super Gay 0

The art style is very charming! The music is wonderful! The characters are diverse! The story is very sweet and super duper gay!As who is bad at playing games, I greatly appreciated the lengths the team went to make the whole experience accessible. If you want a challenge, it's there, but if you, like me, struggle, there are options.As someone who is LGBT, I greatly appreciated the lengths the team went to remind us of gay characters! We don't see enough LGBT characters, and certainly not enoug...

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