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At the very northern tip of Elibe, above the borders of Sacae and Etruria, lies Ilia, the last nation on Elibe. When the Scouring broke out in early Elibean history, the people of Ilia rallied behind Barigan the Knight, and supported his efforts in fighting the dragons. After Barigan and the other Divine Generals defeated the Dark Dragon, he returned to Ilia, and formally established it as a sovereign country. Unfortunately for the people, the harsh climate was disastrous for farming, and the people began to starve. A select group of enterprising individuals established an order of mercenary knights, and developed the Ilian economy around mercenary work. This in turn gave Ilia the title of "The Land of Death", and poor reputation surrounded the nation. Finally, in the year 999, the Kingdom of Bern invaded Ilia, and all of Elibe was thrown into war.



One of the Eight Divine Generals, Barigan accompanied Hartmut the Champion on his war against the Dragons. For his heroism and courage, Barigan was given the title Knight of Knights, and became the model that all knights would try to emulate throughout the next millennium. He spent most of his life in northern Elibe, and founded Ilia when he returned there after defeating the dragons. Barigan was also known as Barigan the Faithful, and wielded the powerful lance, Malte in battle.


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The lord of Edessa, he commands his own squadron of knights against the Bern army. Prior to the war with Bern, Zealot married the beautiful Pegasus Knight Juno, and the two had a daughter together. Before his daughter was born, Zealot and his men left Edessa, and began fighting against Bern under Lord Hector's employ. After Hector died, Zealot honored his contract by continuing to serve Lord Roy, and became a powerful pillar in the army. After Bern was defeated, Zealot unified all of Ilia, and became it's first king.


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The wife of Zealot, she was a flightleader of a powerful squad of Pegasus Knights in her prime. After she married Zealot, she retired from combat, and focused her efforts on cultivating the lands of Ilia until they were good enough for agriculture. When the Bern army attaked Edessa, Juno sent her daughter away to a trusted friend, and remained at the castle fighting until Bern had complete control. Defeated, Juno was imprisoned in he dungeon and remained there until the Etrurian Alliance arrived and freed her. To repay them for their kindness, Juno joined with them as a knight once again. After the war ended, Juno rebuilt the Pegasus Knight army, but left command for the next generation and lived on with husband. After her death, she became known as the Grand Flightleader.


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The younger sister of Juno, she became a Pegasus Knight like her older sister. During the war with Bern, Thite was hired by Lord Klein of Etruria to back up his soldiers on the Western Isles. Even though Thite realized that she and Klein were being used, she followed the knights code and followed her contract to the letter. When Klein was convinced that Roy was in the right, he ammended Thite's contract, and she became a member of the Lycian Alliance army. After the war was over, Thite returned to Ilia and helped Juno rebuild the Ilian Pegasus Knight army.


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The youngest sibling of Juno, Thany was so inspired by her sister Juno, she joined the Pegasus Knight squadrons as quickly as she could. A knight in training, Thany was hired as an apprentice by Dieck, and joined his mercenary troupe. When Lord Eliwood hired them to assist his son Roy, Thany became a member of the Lycian Alliance, and proved to be a valuable, if not over excited, member of the army. After the war was finished, Thany was officially made into a knight and rose the ranks quickly, eventually becoming flightleader of all the Pegasus Knights.


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A lazy member of Zealot's squadron, he is known widely for his ability to sleep anywhere. A man with a very relaxed personality, he easily befriends anyone, even if they come from the enemy army. Despite his easy going personality, he is often scolded by Zealot for his lack of discipline, being known to fall asleep even in the heat of battle. After the war was over, Trec remained in Zealot's squadron, and stories of his battle skills spread across the land.


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A deeply troubled member of Zealot's squadron, he is known for being unable to make friends with others. When he was child, bandits attacked his village killing whoever they saw. A wandering swordsman staying in the village fought the bandits, and Noah was mesmerized by him. Years later, Noah joined Zealot's squadron and participated in the war against Bern. While staying in Ostia, Noah spotted the swordswoman Fir, and gave her some pointers on how to fight. After the war ended, Noah left the squadron, and became a knight helping all those in need.


A member of Zealot's squadron, he was known for being the stupidest knight in all of Ilia, forgetting to bring his weapons and horse to battle. During the war with Bern, he was hired by the Bern and died in battle.


A knight in Zealot's squadron, he survived thanks to Zealot's training. Before Zealot was hired by Hector, Sieks left the squadron, some say that he was hired by Bern, but no one really knows the truth.


A knight in Zealot's squadron, he survived thanks to Zealot's training. Before Zealot was hired by Hector, Grant left the squadron, and eventually died in battle. After his death, he left his will to Noah, but Noah declined to read it as it was too painful.


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A powerful Druid in Ilia, best known as the mountain hermit. When she was a young woman, Niime was friends with Etrurian bishop Jodel, but a dispute over how to avenge his sister's murder caused them to having a falling out, and they never talked again for decades. As time passed, Niime had her own family, and taught dark magic to all three of her sons. Unfortunately, the elder three were unable to deal with the power and became human vegetables. When her grandson was born, she began to place hexes on him to make him learn dark magic, but he could only cry and cry. When the Etrurian Alliance invaded northern Elibe, Niime assisted them in driving out Bern, and then traveled with them to see the power of the dragons for herself. After the war ended, Niime discovered many secrets of the universe, but never left a written record, leaving them lost in time.


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The fourth son of Niime, he uses dark magic as a way of gaining knowledge, not power. When he was a baby, Niime used powerful spells on him and his brothers, forcing them to learn dark magic. Canas was able to handle the power, but his other brothers were weak, and soon became human vegetables. Years later, Canas traveled around Elibe, and joined Eliwood's party when he learned that Eliwood was going to the Dread Isle. After Nergal was defeated, Canas returned to his wife and child, but soon he was killed in a terrible snow storm.


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The orphaned son of Canas, he is a talented mage like his mother before him. When he was a baby, Niime tried to force him to learn to dark magic, but he constantly resisted and cried all the time. When he got old enough, Niime gave him a Resire tome, and left her house to make a name for himself. As he traveled, he met a young shaman, and traveled with him for a bit, before being robbed in his sleep. He eventually made his way to Etruria, where he served General Nacien, but quickly joined Roy's army for more money. After the war was over, Hugh became known as a a powerful sage, but always lived with sever money problems.


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Commander of the 5th Wing of the Ilian Pegasus Knights, Fiora is the elder sister of Farina and Florina. When Eliwood traveled to the Dread Isle, Lord Pent of Etruria hired Fiora to survey the island and find out about Nergal's actions. As her squadron arrived at the island, they were attacked by the Black Fang, and only Fiora survived. When Eliwood's party arrived, Florina asked her join their army, and together they fought the Black Fang. After Nergal was defeated, she became leader of a band of mercenaries and donated much her earnings to the poor.


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The middle child of the Pegasus sisters, Farina is consumed with making money. When she first became a knight, Farina was nearly killed while maneuvering with her comrades, Fiora swooped in to save them, but was charged a massive cancellation fee by the Bern nobles who hire her, leading her to years of debt. Ashamed by this, Farina became the best paid mercenary in Ilia, hoping to pay off her sisters debt as the leader of the Stongwings, 3rd Wing of the Ilian Pegasus Knights. When Hector and his army were fighting against the Black Fang, Farina offered her services for the reasonable price of 20,000 gold. After Nergal was defeated, she became leader of the Ilian Pegasus Knights and made a huge fortune.


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The youngest Pegasus sister, she is deeply afraid of men. An old friend of Lyn, she traveled to Sacae to meet with her after becoming a trainee knight. However, she heard that Lyn had left with a group of strangers and went after her. Shortly after, she accidentally trampled a bandit in Bern, and was nearly sold into slavery by them, fortunately Lyn and her companions saved her. Florina then joined Lyn's party, and helped her claim the Caelin throne. She remained in Caelin as a knight, and later helped Lyn drive out the Laus army, and then fought against the Black Fang. After Nergal was defeated, she returned to Ilia as a knight.


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A Pegasus Knight from Ilia known as The White Devil. When the Bern army invaded Ilia, Sigune and her companions joined with Bern as paid mercenaries, believing that Bern was better for Ilia's future. When the Etrurian Alliance arrived in the village of Carrhae, Sigune ambushed them, but was killed in battle.


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