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    Illuminati or the "The New World Order" the evil religious cult that's hell bent on controlling the world.

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    Illuminati is portrayed differently in different game franchises.

    Street Fighter

    In the Street Fighter franchise The Illuminati is a evil religious cult that's being led by Gill--the boss of the Street Fighter III games. The Illuminati is about restoring balance in the world by using terrorist tactics. The cult is involved in with kidnapping,brainwashing,and DNA manipulation--two of the people that the Illuminati kidnapped is Necro & Effie. The Illuminati started a research known as "The G-Project", where they try to create these ultimate solider by kidnapping people--like Necro--and mutated them, and use them to take over the world. Necro was the Illuminati fail experiment so they wanted him killed because letting him go was too dangerous. In Third Strike, The Illuminati have successfully created an Ultimate solider known as Twelve.

    Members of the Illuminati
    Gill is the leader of the cult; he considers himself as a god, he also has the power of fire and ice. Urien is the younger bitter brother of Gill. Many consider him to be inferior to Gill. Urien wants to overtake the leadership of the Illuminati from Gill. Urien also has the power to manipulate electricity and metal. Twelve is The Illuminati success of the G-Project. He is created to hunt down Necro.

    The Secret World

    Illuminati is one of the playable factions in Funcom's upcoming MMO The Secret World

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