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    I'm O.K: A Murder Simulator

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 2006

    A satirical, side-scrolling indie game inspired by an idea suggested to the video game community by infamous media crusader, Jack Thompson.

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    I'm O.K.: A Murder Simulator was created by "three alcoholics and a foreign exchange student" in response to a " modest video game proposal". This 'proposal' was suggested to the video game community by John Bruce "Jack" Thompson, a Florida-based attorney who was infamous at the time for his baseless crusade against mature video game content in the wake of school shootings and the "Hot Coffee" controversy. According to his proposal, if a video game was made to his specifications (a plot which revolved around hunting down and murdering crude caricatures of individuals in the gaming industry), he would donate $10,000 to the charity of former Take-Two Interactive chairman Paul Eibeler's choice.

    When it was released, Jack took notice and shut the original website down. It is however still up for download on one of the creator's sites. Thompson claimed that the game didn't count towards his proposal as it wasn't created by a professional development studio, and that his proposal had been satire. As a response, the owners of Penny Arcade donated $10,000 to the gamer charity Child's Play with the attached memo line "For Jack Thompson, Because Jack Thompson Won't".


    An endlessly crying, middle-aged, Korean man named Osaki Kim (O.K.) seeks justice for the murder of his son, Billy. After a media frenzy and the prosecution of the defendant, O.K. encounters a slimy attorney named Jack Offson who manipulates the grieving father into waging a one-man war against the video game industry.


    • Paula Eibel's House: O.K. travels to New York to murder the family of Paula Eibel, the CEO of video game company " Take This".
    • The Offices of Blank, Stare: O.K.'s rampage continues to "Blank, Stare Attorneys": a firm that has a lawyer that protects a game company.
    • GameWerks: O.K. gets his revenge on the gamers themselves by shooting up an arcade controlled by a net-speaking DDR champion.
    • E3: The final showdown, complete with hoards of fanboys and booth-babes bouncing in elf costumes.

    Before the final battle, the game's creators appear and reveal that the world is actually a game made to parody Jack Thompson and his video game violence crusade, which O.K. doesn't believe. After this the final boss appears: a gigantic Mario with a trademark sign floating above him. Upon his defeat, O.K. flees the now crumbling tradeshow.


    The game is a standard side-scrolling shooter similar to games from the Metal Slug franchise. Players fight hoards of enemies including small children, rabid fanboys, and lawyers. At start, Kim has a baseball bat and a revolver with unlimited ammo. The player can unlock new guns by collecting coins and buying them at a weapon store that appears before each level, except the first. Other weapons include:

    • Dual Uzis
    • Shotgun
    • Throwing Knives
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Molotov Cocktails

    Coins are collected through bonus stages set in parodies of retail stores. In these scenarios, the player controls Kim as he snipes customers from off screen and then collects the coins that fly out of them.

    Along with conventional weapons, Kim has another item in his arsenal: urination. Players can urinate at any time for comedic effect or on enemies. As required by the "modest video game proposal", after murdering Paula Eibel and her family, O.K. urinates on their brains.


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