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Imagine: Girl Band is a rhythm game geared towards young girls where you choose an instrument and play songs using the touch screen. The game is separated into different styles of music. There are three different styles of music within the game. There are no differences between the styles except the way the songs sound when playing them. They are:  Rock, Pop, and Funk.

Character Customization

When you first make your character, you decide her name, hair color, eye color, and skin tone. After you play a few shows and raise your popularity, you can make a quick stop by the mall and use the money you have earned to buy new clothes and instruments. The clothes are also separated into the same three styles as the ones you choose from when you create your character. The style of clothing has little to no effect on your points, pay, or popularity. The same goes for the instruments you can buy at the mall's music store.


There are five stages of unlockables. As you play songs you will gain popularity. After playing a fair amount of songs, you will achieve a higher popularity rank. Each time you rank up, you will unlock three new songs, a new set of clothing for each style, and a new instrument for each style.


There is a total of 18 songs after you reach the highest popularity rank. None of them are licensed tracks and they are all fairly short.

1 - Wonderful Morning
2 - Happy Days
3 - Futuristic
4 - Bounce About
5 - Fly High
6 - Cruising
7 - Cool Boy
8 - My Will
9 - Spin
10 - Elephant House
11 - Road Trip
12 - On My Way
13 - Here I Come
14 - Bang Bang
15 - Green Turtle

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