Imagine Party Babyz

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    Imagine Party Babyz puts you in the role of a wacky childcare professional trying to keep thing under control. This 4 player party game for the Wii allows you and up to 3 friends to finally experience what mayhem babies get up to whilst Mum and Dad are away.

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    Imagine Party Babyz developed and published by


    that comes out late 2008 in the United States is a Party/Mini games compilation for the Nintendo WIi. The game shares the same visual style as the best-seller

    Imagine Babyz

    on the Nintendo DS that came out a year prior.

    Gameplay Overview

    The first thing your asked to do when you begin your Imagine Party Babyz experience, be it Single or Multiplayer, is to customize your baby with style. The customization options are extensive allowing you to not only choose what your baby wears i.e. clothing and accessories but also their physical appearance, allowing you to change their hairstyle as well as the look of their eyes. Once your happy with how your baby looks because god knows baby's care about their looks, your flung into a variety of minigames. There are over thirty minigames to experience and love in Imagine Party Babyz each of them jam packed with entertainment. The majority of these minigames are babysitting themed. A few examples of what to expect include a whack a mole clone, changing diapers, brushing teeth, getting your babies to go to sleep by counting sheep and rocking their cradle carefully backwards and forwards with the Wiimote. By obtaining high scores in these minigames the player is rewarded with in-game currency which can subsequently be spend on more costumes to customize your babies with. The costumes include alien, gladiator, pirate, caveman and knight styles, each more adorable than the last.


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