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In Imagine Wedding Designer, players take on the role of a wedding coordinator (we have those now?) who helps different brides select the accoutrements that best fit their personalities and tastes.  There are a total of six brides who somehow have high enough expectations that they expect someone else to make such important decisions for them.

You are apparently given the authority to design the wedding invitations, choose the actual dress (!!!), the bouquet, as well as choose the bride's hairstyle and makeup, the music of the ceremony, and the location.  The will-less brides apparently also let you choose who gets to participate in the wedding, and you are allowed to choose their outfits.

Then the ceremony itself plays out, with the consequences of your choices (and mistakes) made manifest.

Should players perfect a wedding, new outfits will be unlocked, which can be shared through wireless connections.

As players are given such specific, personal choices, it is unlikely that this game simulates the job of wedding coordinator.  Instead it seems to be a wish-fulfillment simulator, allowing players to imagine what it would be like to be a bride, without scaring parents away by suggesting that the player actually IS the bride.

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