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    Imbroglio is a strategy game with roguelike and deck building elements. It was created by Michael Brough.

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    Imbroglio is a strategy game for iOS made by Michael Brough. In a lot of ways, it shares some similarities to Brough's 868-HACK: players swipe one of the cardinal directions on their device to move from one square to another. If they are next to an enemy, swiping toward the enemy will attack.

    The goal is to navigate the shifting dungeon walls to collect gems without dying. There are two resources:

    • Blood (represented by hearts)
    • Mana (represented by blue diamonds)

    If the player runs out of either of these resources, they die and their run is over.

    The grid the player occupies is made up of tiles that function as weapons. Killing enemies with the different tiles will level them up, sometimes dramatically changing the way the tiles interact with monsters and the player. After playing for a while, players will unlock the ability to build their own boards by selecting the different tiles and where they should go. As the player progresses through the game, they'll unlock new tiles and abilities.


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