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    The taboo act of engaging in sexual activity with one's own blood relatives. Generally frowned upon because it results in genetic deformities in any offspring created.

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    Incest is the act of two blood relatives engaging in sexual activity. It is recognized widely as a taboo in civilizations around the world, with many nations having put laws in place to punish it. Children born from an incestuous pregnancy run a slightly higher risk of genetic deformity than the children of unrelated people.

    Incest in Games

    Aside from its depiction in certain pornographic games, incest has also been either depicted or alluded to in more mainstream, commercially available games over the years. Some examples include:


    It is implied in dialogue that Furiae, the sister of the game's protagonist Caim, has incestuous feelings for her brother, though this aspect of her character isn't implied as heavily in the English-language version of the game.

    Resident Evil: Code: Veronica

    Antagonist Alfred Ashford is depicted as having a rather unhealthy obsession with his twin sister, Alexia Ashford. Once she is put in cryosleep in order to let the T-Veronica virus fester within her long enough so she may be able to control her new virus-imbued powers, Alfred then takes to not only dressing up as Alexia, but even talking as her amongst himself. Though there is no formal confirmation of incest, the sheer adoration Alfred expresses for his sister as portrayed throughout the game hints at such.

    House of the Dead: Overkill

    The game's antagonist, Clement Darling, is revealed to share a consensual incestuous relationship with his elderly mother. In the endgame, he transfers his mother's brain into the body of the younger, more beautiful Varla Guns in order to extend his mother's life. However, the experiment goes awry after the transfer is complete and Clement's mother-in-Varla turns into a giant monster. After the player kills her, Clement, in his mad love for his mother, enters the monster's vagina in order to return to the womb.

    Duke Nukem Forever

    In the infamous Duke Nukem Forever, the sexually insatiable Holsom twins are Duke's lovers. They're also just as willing to make out with each other as they are to sleep with Duke.


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