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    Incinerator Drone

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    A miniboss in Metroid Prime, the Incinerator Drone appeared in the Chozo Ruins area of Tallon IV

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    The Incinerator Drone is a boss found in Metroid Prime. Its name leaves little wonder to its method of attack. It is stationed in the Burn Dome in the Chozo Ruins area of Tallon IV.

    Battle Plan

    Being a drone without much intelligent thought, it brings in some outside help. By burning the overhead wasp nests, it releases Barbed War Wasps to attack Samus. It can also shoot flames around the room. A single red area on the top of the drone is the only weak point. Blast it, and the flames will die down for good.

    After defeating the Incinerator Drone, Samus is awarded the Morph Ball Bomb. This is useful for blasting small holes.

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