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    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    Game » consists of 25 releases. Released August 1985

    An action video game based on the 1984 film of the same name, the second film in the Indiana Jones franchise.

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    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is 2D game based on the classic movie by the same name. The player controls Indiana Jones, the famous archeologist who sets out around the world seeking famous artifacts in religion and mythology. In Temple of Doom, Dr. Jones finds himself in India where he must recover a local artifact that will return a village back to its state of normalcy. Don the trademark hat and whip in one of Indy's most famous adventures.


    Players progress through four distinct types of levels:

    The Mines

    Indy must navigate treacherous platforms and ladders as he dodges bats, snakes, spikes, and Thuggee Guards while rescuing children from imprisonment.

    Minecart Ride

    Barreling down minecart tracks, Indy whips barrels of oil and piles of logs to keep the Thuggees at bay.

    The Temple of Kali

    Fiery pits, snakes (again?!), and Mola Ram himself stand in the way of Dr. Jones as he recovers one of the precious Sankara Stones.

    The Bridge

    This is it: Indiana must race across a perilous bridge, whipping Thuggee guards and fireballs, on his way to the showdown with Mola Ram.


    • Digitized samples of lines from the movie
    • John Williams' score
    • Short Round!

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